Welcome to Asheville Marble Pipes!

Welcome to the haven of Asheville Marble Pipes. In the summer of 2009 Gene came across a pile of scrap marble from his friends place of work, a granite and marble countertop distributor. He messed around in the shop with different grinding tools and methods, teaching himself how to best manipulate one of the hardest natural materials on earth. Over time his skill and precision increased, and his specialty pipes became a popular item among friends and family. It is a tedious, labor intensive process from start to finish, requiring long hours of grinding down layers and layers of million year-old earth. He has had apprentices and partners on and off since, increasing production and broadening the scope of marble carving.

The weight, smoothness and naturally cool temperature of the stone is appealing to the human touch. They are sculptural as well as functional, and each pipe is a one of a kind work of art. Occasionally a geode or crystal appears in the stone, making those particular pieces even more rare than others. We also offer other marble items for sale, striving to be as creative and resourceful as possible with the recycled slabs. We take custom orders and are looking forward to expanding our inventory to reach more vendors and clientele across America. Wholesale rates are available upon inquiry.

We take pride in original, quality hand-crafted works and more importantly, we love what we do!